We are a growing faith community learning to live life as Jesus modeled it for us. At our church, you can expect to find imperfect people seeking to live Christian lives. No church is perfect, but we are a body of people who are seeking to love Jesus and love our neighbor as ourselves. We are fun-loving and down-to-earth people. We take our mission seriously and do not compromise our work with God, but we do not take ourselves so seriously that we forget to laugh at ourselves and enjoy the journey. We love God's Word and want to live the faith-life with the giver of faith. We are challenged by the reality that the Christian life is not about living according to a list but about living daily with the person of God. We are privileged to live our lives with, in, and through the person of the Holy Spirit.

We are a church of children, teenagers, and adults ranging in age. It is our hope to grow more fully into a multi-generational body in the coming months and years. We also know that we are merely one body of believers in a community populated by many varieties of churches. We do not allow ourselves to see church ministry as a competition in our neighborhoods. We pray for other churches and partner with them when possible to strengthen the Kingdom work and fruit.

Our Sunday morning worship includes hymns both old and new, modern worship songs, Biblical preaching, the Apostles creed, extemporaneous prayer, and giving of an offering. Instruments currently involved sometimes include piano and guitar. We celebrate the Lord's Supper every first Sunday of the month. Each week we gather for Sunday school at 9:30am and for morning worship at 10:45am.